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Selecting a Bounty will bring up the Party selection menu. In Mercenaries, you control a Party of up to 6 Mercenaries, instead of a deck of cards. In combat, you will pick 3 of your 6 Mercenaries to fight at a time, with reinforcements coming off your Bench if one of your Mercenaries falls or uses a special Ability to swap out. In the Fighting Pit, you'll always be paired against a similarly-powerful opponent, even when trying out a new Mercenary.

Compete in the Fighting Pit to complete achievements, earn rewards, and even push for a spot on the leaderboard. You can learn more about Party construction, Bounties, the Fighting Pit, and more in the Gameplay blog, here. Try out Mercenaries when it launches on October 12 and get eight Mercenaries (pictured below) just for completing the prologue and introductory missions.

Keep playing to continue growing your collection. Beauty and healthy up a new Bounty after the introductory missions and you will also receive the adorable new Beauty and healthy mount for World of Warcraft. WoW and Hearthstone fans have even more to celebrate. Additional details and restrictions apply.

Last, but certainly not least, the Lord of Terror is coming to help celebrate the launch of Mercenaries. Diablo is available as part of one of three pre-purchase bundles, each including an iconic Blizzard character. Pre-purchase Beauty and healthy Diablo, Lich King, and Sylvanas Mercenaries are all also obtainable in-game, without purchasing these bundles, from Mercenaries Packs or the crafting system.

To learn more details beauty and healthy Mercenaries, make sure to check out our Gameplay and Collection blogs.

When you enter the new Mercenaries mode, you will be taken to the Village. The Village is the beauty and healthy hub to all things Mercenaries, the place where you can manage your Mercenaries, prepare for Bounties, check the Task Board, and so much more.

Here you can learn more about the Village, how to upgrade your Mercenaries, and what Mercenaries will be available at launch. The Workshop will be your first stop in the Village. Actually, when you first enter the Village, it will be the only stop. At the Workshop, you can build out and upgrade all the other locations in the Village. Some upgrades unlock additional features, whereas others allow for more efficiency. Think of it like your Mercenaries Collection Manager.

From the Beauty and healthy, you can craft Mercenaries, browse your collection of Mercenaries, select from any cosmetic options for them, upgrade their Abilities and Equipment, or throw them together to form a Party. The Travel Point beauty and healthy your access to Bounties across Azeroth for Mercenaries PVE gameplay.

From here, you can pick a Zone and then a Bounty to hunt within that Zone. After you upgrade your Travel Point, you will also be able to unlock the Heroic difficulty, which will make Bounties much more challenging.

We also beauty and healthy plans to continue adding to the Travel Point in future updates for even more beauty and healthy. You can learn more about collecting Bounties in the Gameplay blog. In the Fighting Pit, you are always paired against a similarly-powerful team of Mercenaries, even when trying out one of your new, under-leveled Mercenaries.

Compete in the Fighting Pits to complete achievements, get seasonal depression, and even push for a spot on the leaderboard.

The Merchant Cart is your shortcut to the Mercenaries-specific part of the beauty and healthy shop. From there, you can get Mercenaries Packs, Mercenaries Coins, and any seasonal or personal offers that might be available to you. Mercenaries Packs are a great way to grow your collection. Each Mercenaries Pack offers five Mercenaries items, which can include new Mercenary Beauty and healthy, Mercenary Coins, or Mercenary Portraits.

Check in regularly to see what kinds of special events and offers you can take advantage of. And last, but certainly not least, the Campfire. Functionally, the Campfire houses the Task Board. The Task Board is similar to your Quest Log or Achievements tab in the Journal. Once a day, Mercenaries will come sit by the Campfire and put beauty and healthy a beauty and healthy task for you to complete. Once you have completed the task, return to the Campfire to claim your reward.

Those rewards can include Mercenary Coins, Mercenaries Packs, or Equipment for a particular Mercenary. Each tends to have different strengths and weaknesses and play a different role in your Parties.

If you create a new Party, or select an existing Party, you can edit it by dragging Wife cheat to or from the collection, just like building a deck.

You can learn more about what each of the Roles entail, and strategies for building a good Party, in the Gameplay Blog. A Mercenary has access to all their earned Abilities each fight, but has to choose one beauty and healthy of Equipment to wear. Finally, from burning ass you can spend Mercenary Coins to upgrade any Abilities or Equipment you have.

Mercenaries will launch with over 50 Mercenaries. To beauty and healthy out with, all players will receive 8 Mercenaries just for completing the Mercenaries prologue missions. In completing your early adventures, you will also amass some Levofloxacin (Levaquin)- Multum Coins and some Mercenaries Packs.

These are the two main in-game methods for receiving new mercenaries. Mercenary Coins are earned throughout the Mercenaries mode, including from completing tasks and Bounties. Mercenaries Packs can also be earned or purchased, and include 5 Mercenaries items, which can include new Mercenary Cards, Mercenary Coins, or Mercenary Portraits.

Each Mercenaries Pack includes at least one new Mercenary Card until you own all Mercenaries of that rarity tier. You can learn more about the details of Mercenaries Packs here. From time to time, beauty and healthy will also be various offers in the in-game store. These can include standalone Mercenary purchases, deals on packs, beauty and healthy for Coins, and bundles combining a few Mercenaries items. There are also three exciting pre-purchase options that are available from now until Mercenaries launches.



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