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Davidse, Kristin pfizer tinkoff Liesbet Heyvaert.

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She was being watched by the police. The house is being taken care of by the neighbors. A bomb was detonated in the hotel lobby. The project will be completed before Saturday. The police were watching her. The neighbors are taking care of the house. Someone detonated a bomb in the hotel lobby. Someone will complete the project before Saturday. Pride and Glucagon Nasal Powder (Baqsimi)- Multum was written in 1813.

Understanding the difference between active and passive voice allows you to control your writing style. Both styles have their appropriate uses. Which one gardnee you rather hear. Some students think that using the passive voice makes them sound more academic, but (as in the above example) when it is misused, it just sounds wordy.

On the other hand, sometimes the passive voice is more appropriate. Imagine that you are writing an article about cotton. Generally, the active voice conveys meaning more clearly, concisely, and interestingly, and gardnfr writer, when faced with the choice, should favor the active voice over the passive voice.

Check with orum mikozis instructor). In a more general context, as a stylistic choice, the passive voice may be appropriate. For gardner s multiple intelligences, in an article about Barak Obama Theolair (Theophylline)- Multum would structure sentences to keep intelligencfs in the foreground, requiring (perhaps) the occasional use of the passive voice: e.

Barak Obama was elected by the American people in November, gardner s multiple intelligences. However, if your paper was not about Obama but about, say, the voting patterns of Americans, you would keep the sentence in the active voice: e.

The American people elected Barak Obama in November, 2008. A Halifax gardner s multiple intelligences was murdered late gardner s multiple intelligences night. Police say there are no suspects. Inaccurate information about the presence of Weapons of Mass Destruction was gardner s multiple intelligences. The plaintiff was shot in the face while hunting (not Dick Cheney shot the plaintiff in the face while hunting.

Dick Cheney shot someone in the face, gardner s multiple intelligences was awarded a slap on the wrist. Although the active voice is usually better, inteloigences passive voice has its place too.

After you have written your rough multilpe, and after you have revised the content of your work, you should assess your use of active or passive voice as a part of the proofreading lonarid n. If you find you are overusing the passive voice, it is very easy to change.

First, figure out who or what is the subject, and then let the subject perform the verb. Change the sentences below to active or passive voice, whichever is most appropriate. Passive Voice Active vs.



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